Buddy’s Donation Center

Stock the shelves of Buddy’s Donation Center!

A lifelong pairing means there will be many years of memories to make. Years of walks to take, games to play, adventures to go on, and naps...so many naps.

Throughout those years, we’re always shopping for new items for our buddies. So together with Sierra Delta, we designed an easy way to help stock the shelves for veterans and their best buds.

Here’s how it works:

1. At any point during your shopping, choose a product to donate directly to Veterans to care for their buddies and strengthen their bond. 2. Simply click “Mark for donation” on the items in your cart and upon checkout, they’ll be sent to our Buddy’s Donation Center. 3.When Veterans shop, they can choose among donated items to take home for their best bud.

Features of the Donation Center:

1. Receive a personal thank-you note sharing the news about which happy best bud gets to enjoy your gift! 2. Easily add and edit the items in your cart for every donation. 3.Help guarantee that veterans can get the best products for their lifelong buddy.

Thank you for supporting Life Buddy

Everything in our entire shop of over 9,000 natural, high-quality products can be donated. Donate one item, two, or an entire cart full of goodies!