Nature's Variety

We’re a privately-held, natural pet food company located in the Midwest. Our purpose – the reason behind everything we do – is to empower people to transform the lives of pets. And to lead a movement toward better pet health.  It all started with our raw diets. And one simple belief: that what we feed our pets should match their original diet. At the time, raw pet food was in its infancy. And we were a modest pet food manufacturer in Lincoln, Nebraska. But from the beginning, we knew that what we were doing was different. We knew that the nutrition of our raw diets was unmatched. And we knew from experience the power that better food had to truly transform the lives of pets. We want to share that secret, as widely as we can.  Our brands include Instinct, Grain-free, high protein nutrition, guided by our belief in raw and Prairie, holistic nutrition with whole grains and simple, natural ingredients in a variety of proteins.