5% Mission- Continues for 2021~

We will donate all the profits- that's all the profits to Sierra Delta's Life Buddy program that connects veterans with service animals through the end of 2021.

And when we say 5% of every sale, that’s exactly what we mean. We donate 5% of the sale price - not 5% of our profits - that’s more than any other retailer.

Because of our commitment and your choice to give back with every purchase for your best buddy, together we’ve saved so many animals, ensuring they have the opportunity at finding their forever home.

We work with the largest distributors in the county so we keep our costs low, which means we can offer premium, healthy, and natural brands at competitive prices with premium shipping and auto-ship options. This also means we’re able to commit 5% of every sale to support Veterans and their lifelong buddy.

By shopping at Rook’s Place, you support our partner Sierra Delta in providing tools and resources for success so Veterans and their dogs can thrive together. As an organization uniquely skilled to better serve Veterans, Sierra Delta empowers Veterans through community and innovation, and we’re proud to offer our Rook’s community the chance to support their mission.

Here’s how you allocate your 5% each time you shop:

  • Shop our extensive selection of premium food and supplies for dogs and cats.
  • Complete your purchase and we’ll automatically send 5% of your purchase price to Sierra Delta.
  • That’s it!